Sanford L. Severin, MD and Todd D. Severin, MD


The TriEnergetics Ultimate Makeover

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What exactly is "quality of life?" That question is increasingly on everyone's mind. And, the answers are as widely varied as the people asking it. One thing is certain – quality of life starts with a solid foundation of physical and emotional health. Through this physician-formulated program, you'll learn how to create that essential foundation in your life. You will boost your energy levels, maintaining or reclaiming youthful vitality. That means increase stamina for activities that bring you the greatest rewards and the greatest pleasures. It also means improved resistance to illness, a deepened capacity for meeting life's demanding challenges, greater productivity, and energy in reserve for the unexpected. Above all, through the TriEnergetic program you'll discover a sense of well-being, self-confidence, exhilaration and inner security that you may have never dreamed possible. Based on the most current medical research, and incorporating both Eastern and Western health secrets. This six-week program puts total wellness within the reach of anyone willing to invest as little as 30 minutes a day.

TriEnergetics has been endorsed by more than 50 health-conscious physicians, women and men who advocate and practice health awareness in their private and professional lives.

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"TriEnergetics emphasizes health of the mind and spirit as well as the body, while teaching dietary as well as exercise habits. Only this kind of integrated approach can achieve true, lasting vitality."



– Daniel A. Brinton, MD

"TriEnergetics should be an inspiration to us all. True health can only be achieved if we appreciate and nurture the link between the mind and body. This program shows us how to do just that."



– Valerie Schneider, MD

"The effect of stress on our health and disease is under-emphasized in western medicine. TriEnergetics is a program that will help you regain control of that vital process. TriEnergetics is essential for obtaining a healthy outlook on life."


– Neil Okamura, DO

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