Sanford L. Severin, MD and Todd D. Severin, MD


The TriEnergetics Ultimate Makeover

There is good news on the health scene. Americans are living longer than ever. A recent report in the prestigious Journal of Gerontology stated that life expectancy had increased by 1 year during the past decade. Savor this fact for a moment. An extra year of life. Add that year onto the additional years we have gained with improved medical treatment and you can visualize a bright picture of a longer happier life.

Sanford L. Severin, MD
and Todd D. Severin, MD
Hold on before you click your heels with excitement. We only mentioned a longer life. The article did not say that the additional years would be healthy years. Quite the contrary. There was a second statement that said most of us face the prospect of an additional 1.2 years of serious illness and an extra 2 years of disability. This is not a bright picture.

Do you want to live longer in poor health?

You need to make a choice. You can choose to live longer in poor health or to live longer and to live healthier. It is really not complicated and the choice is yours. Health or illness. The lifestyle choices that you make today will determine how you feel today, tomorrow and years from now.

The material in this book has been time tested on thousands of participants. The program presented in the second half of the book is easy to follow and fun to do. When you work the program you will experience more energy and vitality within the first week. The lifestyle changes that we suggest you make will jump start you on a path to a new revitalized you!

"The multi-factorial nature of disease and aging dictates a multi-factorial approach to health and longevity. This is the cornerstone principle of TriEnergetics, well articulated and outlined by the Drs. Severin, who live what they teach."



– Shirin Barez, MD

"This is the owners guide for your body! TriEnergetics provides a wealth of information on physical and emotional health, and establishes a framework for incorporating sound dietary nutritional, exercise and stress reduction practices into a daily program for well-being."


– Kevin Beadles, MD

"TriEnergetics is an uplifting
program that goes beyond the
'how-to' and into the 'why' that is
the foundation of self-improvement. Finally, there is a refreshing approach that recognizes the importance of the mind and spirit in the health of the body"


– Steve Bylsma, MD

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